God-Given Ideas

God-Given Ideas

Have you ever gotten what my pastor calls “blooped”?

To be “blooped” is when out of the blue, an excellent idea comes into your heart and head. It can happen while you are sleeping, walking, showering, or simply observing a problem.

Yeah, sis — that was God.

God gives us all ideas and solutions. These are extensions of our gifts and talents. And if you are reading this letter right now, that means you are breathing, and if you are breathing, that means that you have gifts and talents and that your very existence on this earth is the solution to someone’s problem.

Proverbs 18:16 tells us, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

This passage is a whole mantra or hype message in itself, but I am feeling especially intrigued by the word “room.” According to the dictionary of Merriam and Webster, the word “room” means “an extent of space occupied by or sufficient or available for something” and “to accommodate.” If a gift or/and talent is prepared to accommodate you or make room for you, that means that it has the ability to provide for you. The ‘room’ that’s made is not just for you; it’s for all the things you carry with you – your highs, lows, dreams, career, family, friends, bills, and your finances.

*Praise dance break*

You may be asking yourself, “But how do I know if my idea is a ‘God-given’ idea or just a ‘me’ idea?”

Great question, and I am glad you asked.

A God-given idea will:

A. stay in the category of your zone of genius (see: your gifts and talents),
B. stick with you,
C. and can create a pit in your stomach, and
D. cause everything you do or hear to remind you of it.

It’s the thing that keeps you up at night. The nagging feeling in your gut that just. Keeps. Popping. Up. You know the thing; you carry it with you. And sis, that idea is ready for you to write it down and run with it.

But — before you start executing that bomb idea of yours that God dropped from heaven, there are a few characteristics of God-given ideas that I want you to know.

1. God-given ideas are given to more than one person.

Do you ever wonder why you see two products come out at one time that are very similar? You would think that both of those creative teams were spying on each other, with just how similar the two were. But — chances are it was a God idea.

My pastor says that when “God bloops one, he can also bloop two.” This means that your God-given idea was presented to solve a problem on the earth, and to make sure that – that idea comes to full fruition, He must give it to more than one person.


2. God-given ideas do not have an expiration, but they are time-sensitive.


Earlier I mentioned that a God idea will stick with you. It will.


Because God-given ideas are revealed to solve a specific problem, the need to solve that problem will never expire, neither will the substance of the idea. However, because God-given ideas are released simultaneously, there’s a race against time to execute them.


3. God-given ideas are divinely protected and funded.

When God gives you something, he protects and makes provision for it. That sentiment goes for promotions, homes, friendships, children, and ideas.

God helps you hold the thing. It’s not just yours to carry. He is with you as you carry and nurture and allow the thing to come together. Never in it alone, He is with you as you grow and stretch the thing.

Protection and funding do not mean that you do not have to be your own cheering section. They do not mean that you do not have to steward your idea properly. And they don’t mean that it won’t be hard work. Nevertheless, it does mean that when you step out and put your faith above your fear – that God is going to come along for the ride.


There is this thing about ideas, though; they have to move! Let’s talk more about it.

I recently watched a talk between the author, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, and the comedian, Kevonstage, and somewhere towards the end, Luvvie says, “There’s a reason that the U.S. Patent Office does not let you patent and trademark ideas. When you go in, they ask, “Have you used it? If you say – “no.” They will say, “when you have used it – then come back to us. We are not going to trademark an idea.” This is because an idea has not produced or solved anything; it is not considered established. It is merely – an idea. A thought, a blink. No meat, no bones, no movement.

Sis, if you have a God-given idea, it does not matter how silly, basic, or trite it seems to you, your fears, or your peers. Know this — what God has for you is bigger than you! If it were not, why else would you need your faith in him to make that idea move? Your Father wants your ideas and gifts in the world to help people and to be part of His glory.
The ideas that God gives us are often bigger and bolder than any of us could dream. The best part about this is that it’s not just you — you need your idea and your Father to bring the idea to pass. Trust and believe God and what He has for you.

Your move.

I can’t wait to see what you manifest.

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