My Prayer for you.




I pray that the woman who uses this journal will be blessed. I don’t know who or what will cross her path, but I do know that she always needs You in her life.


Remind her of Your goodness and the promises of Your Word. Make Your strength perfect in her weakness and give her faith in her fear.

Help remind her that no matter what season she’s in, she needs to practice Your presence and when she wants to give up, encourage her to keep going.


As she uses this journal, allow it to usher in Your presence and word, transform her life and give her the wisdom she needs to carry out her purpose and glorify your name. I ask this in Jesus’ name.



Make Your strength perfect in her weakness…


Live. Love. Pray.

LIVE. With grace and grit, Marlela has worked to fill her life with purpose and accomplishment. Emerging from the city of Baton Rouge, she has established herself within the community as a role model. Recognized and awarded multiple times throughout her career, she has pursued a life of purpose as a professional, as a volunteer, and in faith.

LOVE. Purpose can be difficult. Marlela like so many mompreneurs is working a full-time job, where she’s managing employees, comes home to face a husband and toddler who demand her full-time attention, a church family where she’s utilizing her gifts, and at the end of the day, herself, who’s wondering how she’s going to do it all over again tomorrow.

PRAY. This journal, which she was inspired to create, helps busy women chronicle their prayers from day to day, and trial to testimony. Built to last six months, and with a place for worship, gratitude, confession, scripture, and affirmation, it has already made a difference in the lives of those who have it. Filled with inspiration from the beginning to the end, Judah: The Busy Woman’s Prayer Journal will be a blessing to all who get it.

I would love to hear from you.

I created this book with the expectation that God would use it to change lives. Please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear your stories and alternately tell you mine.

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    About Marlela

    Marlela Clark-LeBeouf Dugas is a first-time author and budding entrepreneur with a passion for the spiritual health of mompreneurs. She’s the wife of an engineer, the mother of a toddler, and an instructional designer, but she’s also been a scientist, marketer, teacher, and a full-time caretaker of an ailing parent.

    Marlela loves to journal, living to write and share in the encouragement and trials of her faith group. She’s been a part of her church family for five years and is active in her ministry. Her schedule is packed with family, faith and professional obligations, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.