What Have You Been Eating?

What Have You Been Eating?

Did you gain the #QUARANTINE15, yet?

Or are you on your way?

Since we are stressed and self-isolating, I wanted to talk a bit about your diet during this time.

Please don’t run.

Could you hear me out?

I see online that a lot of people (including myself) feel like we’re overdoing it with the comfort food, baking, and consumption of calories while we’re in the house. But there is another subset of people who are taking this opportunity at home to make healthier choices.

Here’s the kicker.

When I say ‘diet,’ I don’t want to talk about what you’re eating. I want to talk about what you’re feeding your ears and eyes.
We know that for every good thing that God has, the enemy has a counterfeit. So, when the enemy wants to get us out of our faith, he has a word for us, just as God does when he wants to increase our faith.

In Romans 10:17, Paul addresses hearing God speak and says “faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.” If the passage above is actual, then so is the opposite – disbelief comes by hearing and hearing words that are not of Christ.

These words could come from things like:

• the news;
• music;
• unfriendly advice;
• reality television shows;
• propaganda on social media; and
• the next Netflix binge-worthy show

Just as you wouldn’t sit on your couch and eat Doritos and bluebell for eight weeks, it is essential that you do not continuously ingest things that are not edifying to your spirit.

This past Wednesday, during bible study, our Pastor warned us of a great falling away of the saints (see Christians). What’s more, is that he told us that the saints (not the sinners) wouldn’t fall away from God rapidly, or suddenly, it would be a gradual action and take place over some time.  It’s like that for your weight gain, too; you wouldn’t suddenly gain 50 lbs. or even the #QUARANTINE15.

You could, however, gain 50 lbs. by consistently consuming things that are calorie-laden and unhealthy, and by not getting the proper exercise and rest. And in an equivalent action, the falling away of the Saints will happen by the consistent consumption of things that aren’t edifying, by not exercising their faith, and by not resting in God in times of trouble.

So, sis, I’m asking you to take inventory of your diet. Are you consuming too much junk? Are you getting more waste than faith?

In Romans 10:17, God has told us how to obtain faith. He has told us how faith comes.

In these unknown days – we must fill our ears and eyes with things that produce faith, with things that are true, things that are noble, things that are right and pure, and things that are lovely and admirable.

Women of Judah, what are you feeding your eyes and ears today?

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