Faithful or Foolish?

Faithful or Foolish?

So……. I want to do a thing.

It’s kind of a big thing. It’s the kind of thing that gives you butterflies and makes you want to puke, but the thought of it still tickles your fancy. 

Well, maybe it doesn’t do all of that.

Maybe it just scares you or makes you wonder, “why”?

And well, I’m not sure if this move is me trusting God or if it’s just me, being me?

Have you ever considered whether you were operating in faith or ignorance when making a big decision?

As Christians, I think one of the hardest questions that we will ever ask ourselves is:

 “Am I trusting God (operating in faith), or am I just listening to myself?”

The question isn’t unusual. I feel like a lot of us have this question.

There’s a thin line between faith and fear (or irresponsibility), and at times I’m sure they intersect.

You know that book you’re thinking about writing?

that nice guy you met online

the retreat you’ve been thinking about hosting

that leadership role at work you want to apply for

the business you want to open

the class you want to take

the conversation you want to have with your husband

submitting your work to that famous publication

investing and going on that trip to that business mastermind?

Is my decision a step of faith, or is it just plain ole’ stupid?

Is it Godly?

Am I leading with my trust in Him, or am I leading with the lack in my life?

How should I know?

How would you know?

For those of you that have been with me some time, you know I need answers. So, I started looking it up.

The Bible first, though!

Consider this. Do you think our favorite biblical superstars were leading with their faith or their foolishness? You’d say faith, right? Well, I would, too. But- when I think about it, I think we’re saying that because it worked out for them.  We’re not really considering how they felt.

What do you think Noah was thinking when he was building that boat for 60 + years? 

Was John the Baptist thinking this is faith or this is foolishness when he found himself in jail for preparing people for the way of the Lord? 

What did you think Moses’ response was when God called him to deliver his people in a burning bush? 

Or when God told Abraham that he would conceive a child at 100 and his wife at 90? (I’m pretty sure 90% -100% of you would think this was foolish if it happened to you today)

That makes me wonder, what exactly makes our decisions “godly”?

Should they be responsible, sensible, conscientious, mature, and accountable?

Or can they be passionate, wild, extreme, outlandish, and downright ridiculous?

Should it be either?

Can it be both?

Do you know?

I don’t know.

I do think It’s important to point out that the grace of God was constantly extended for those who wrestled with their faith. The 11 disciples didn’t believe until Jesus appeared to them—and then he appeared again just for Thomas’ faith. How amazing is that?

Sis, any decision made about a thing worth wanting, having, or doing should be covered in prayer (and perhaps, fasting), discovered in scripture, and sought in the wisdom of the godly council. But – if you’ve done all of that and you’re still unsure – I want to share two questions that I found while reading blogs to help when things aren’t clear:


I can’t lie. This one makes me feel a certain way. It makes me out loud, say “ouch!” 

When I think about it, my accrued knowledge and degrees have definitely interfered with my trust in God.

It makes me wonder, how many times have did I trust my comfort level over my trust in God? 

As we get older, we get more settled; we like who we are, what we have, where we are, and we don’t want to shake the boat. We lead with what we can touch, feel, taste, and see because that is what feels stable.

When was the last time you had to trust God for the outcome of something? And I mean really trust God?


You all know this, Christian! You may even think they’re a bit cray-cray.

They claim that every decision they make is “God.” But just because they label it “God” doesn’t make it “God.”

These people jump in head-first without considering anything. And while radically believing in God is one of the most authentic, vulnerable, and beautiful things that I’ve ever witnessed, we must remember that God grants us wisdom to use, and it cannot be overlooked (Proverbs 8:33).

If your decision makes you look nothing like Christ, then trust me — it’s not from Christ.

Women of Judah, if you’ve done all of these things and considered both of these questions and you’re still unsure about what to do, then my advice is just to make a decision and offer it up to God.

This decision may be the key to discovering a new side of you.

FUN FACT: When one of my friends reaches this point, she puts all of her options on little sheets of paper, folds them up, and places them in a cup to choose/pull from.

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