Part 1: This Little Light of Mine

Shining your light - Judah's Prayer Journal

Part 1: This Little Light of Mine

Seed Upgraders: Light, Season, Planting and Soil

I hope my email last week resonated with you and you were able to take a moment to do some soul searching and figure out what things you find pleasurable.

Keeping in theme with us becoming better women and #goaldiggers, I would like to discuss a few things used in nature (light, soil, seasons), that are discussed in the Bible and directly affect the growth of our seed (goals, purposes and plans).

First up, is LIGHT!

For me, light has always directly correlated with focus.

It’s the thing you turn on so that you can see better,
the expression in someone’s eyes indicating a particular mood,
the device that ignites a fire and
the understanding of a problem or mystery.

And I don’t know about you, but as I try to achieve my goals or manage daily tasks, I constantly find myself fighting for some light. Maybe, my lack of focus comes from the hopping from a task to a chore and a chore to a task or my failure to stick to the schedule I’ve set to accomplish specific things at work.

Biblically, light is a symbol of God, His children, truth, faith, and righteousness.

John 8:12, it says, “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

This scripture (and several others), tells us that we all have access to this light! This light possesses powers essential to true life.

Although we’ve been given access to this light, to achieve our wildly important goals (or anything else we could imagine or even think of), we must know when to focus it and when to scatter it.

You see, when light is focused it is powerful! Perhaps, you’ve heard of the term “laser-focus”? Relative to other light sources, most lasers have a very small spread of light. This means all of its particles of light are traveling in the same direction. They are coherent light, united as or forming a whole at a single target.

Focusing our light (attention) on one thing at a time is the basis for effectiveness in anything. Without it, any activity (hearing from God, achieving a goal, mending a relationship) is made more challenging, if not impossible, to execute.

But, at the same time, light when scattered, is not as effective. For example, let’s look at the sun.

Although it is a very intense source of light, when it shines through the atmosphere, particulates and clouds scatter it.

Woman of Judah, I say all of this, to say that you are a light to this world, but when you’re called to do something more, there will always clutter (distractions), particles (responsibilities) and clouds (biases). You must determine when your light needs to be laser focused and when it can be diffused about like daylight.

We’re here to be generational curse breakers, peacemakers and dragon slayers. Create and maintain (keep it in front of you) a vision of where you are going. If you must, write it on post-it notes and put it in your bathroom mirror or on the dashboard of your car.

You are valuable. Make sure you guard your light like they guard the crown jewels!

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