Take Flight!

Take Flight!

So, we’re six months into 2019 and six months before 2020 starts and honestly, some of my days seem like a blur. Yo, I’m serious! One day it’s Monday and then the next, it’s Friday (at least it seems that way). The blur feels like I’m floating but in the least relaxing way possible.

Before I lose you, let me explain.

There are these two lists.

One is a list of the things that I know I must do, and they come to me like second nature. It includes things like:

Feeding and bathing my child: Every night
Groceries: Saturday morning
Soccer: Wednesday nights
Laundry: Everyday (folding them, never! Lol!)
Volunteer meetings: Every 4th Tuesday of every month

Because I’ve done these things so many times, I could literally do them in my sleep. They require some physical energy, but generally no additional mental effort. While doing them, I get to float!

I float sometimes because it’s really all that I have the capacity for. And sometimes, it’s just soothing. It allows me to avoid piling anything else on my plate and when I float, I don’t have to take responsibility for the direction to which I travel.

But sis, the problem with floating is that we are called to fly, and floating is not flying.

So, then there is a second list. A list of things that I tend to write at the beginning of the month (some people, write them at the beginning of the year (resolutions) or on their birthdays). And this list includes things that will allow me to fly. They will ultimately make me a better person and push me further in life.

If you’ve been floating, I’m not here to shame you. Sometimes you need a float day. Sometimes, a float week! In fact, the first year of my child’s life – my single resolution was to float (aka survive) while enjoying my new journey.

Woman of Judah, I know floating can be soothing, but we can’t stay there too long. You see, the similarities between flying and floating are what fools many of us into thinking that floating is productive. Both transport you from one place to another. But flying and floating take advantage of two totally different laws and therefore produce different outcomes.

Floating exploits the concept of buoyancy or the ratio of a weight difference between two substances. In other words, an object can float if it remains light enough to do so. But the moment too much weight is added a gradual and catastrophic crash is imminent. How many of us would admit to a moment of floating along, not preparing for anything, only to encounter the moment something extra is added to our plate, that caused us to crash an unexpected crash?

Flying, on the other hand, exploits the law of aerodynamic lift. A plane only flies when all four forces – lift (prayer), weight (faith), thrust (action) and drag (planning/goals) – work together.

Today, at the halfway mark of the year, I’m encouraging you to FLY! Let’s reassess our goals and develop a strategy so that we can finish 2019 strong. Remember, our elevation requires planning, action, prayer and most of all it requires our faith. Isaiah 40:31 says, “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

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